Will You Marry Me?

Most Romantic Ideas for Marriage Proposals in London

A marriage proposal is one of the most nerve-wracking yet important questions that one could ever ask in one’s lifetime – it’s so important that one wants everything about the pitch, setting, emotion, location, scenery, etc. to be absolutely perfect –  so that the answer to the question is . . . 


The location and setting is extremely important as it sets the tone for how one feels about the other person who is the love of your life.

Does your relationship thrive on drama – are you both extroverted and prefer a loud, big party with vibrant colors, loud music, dancing, and exciting environs? If so, then the London Eye might be the exact place to “pop the question.” Imagine being on top of the London Eye, sipping champagne, and just then an airplane flies over with a sign trailing from it that says “ I love You! Will You Marry Me?”

Create a scene by choreographing a flash mob and be sure to remember to hire a photographer to capture the beautiful moment in time as she throws up her hands and shouts “Yes!”

flashmob dancing
Flash Mob Performing as You Propose – LOUD & CLEAR Proposal

Or maybe you both prefer a more quiet and intimate setting? How about orchestrating a quaint picnic at Battersea or Hyde Park? Pack an interesting array of cheeses, scones, clotted cream, lemon curd, prosecco or wine (preferably white as she may get very excited by the proposal and knock over the glass!), and pate. Again, a photographer is important to capture the moment and if you want to add a spark of romance – hiring a violinist or harpist to serenade adds just a spot of class to it! Don’t forget the warm blankets to sit on and wrap around each other as it may be cold and you may need to snuggle to stay warm while you ask the most endearing and beloved question.

Another idea is to purchase or rent a London flat showing the person of your affection that your intentions are serious. Surprise her with a catered, intimate gathering with friends where you ask her to marry you on bended knee as the chef serves the final pièce de résistance by Bob Bob Ricard called the BRR Signature Chocolate Glory which features and orange dripping with Valrhona dark chocolate, praline crunch, coffee mousse, and carmelised hazelnuts in a hot chocolate sauce. A dessert that is sure to melt her heart! (Best desserts in London)

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