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Urban Gardens - Self-sustaining Ecosystems

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Urban Gardens are becoming more and more popular! April is a good time to sow seeds and if the frost hasn’t passed then sow them indoors and start the plant indoors to ensure success.

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Most garden centers will sell pellets (typically filled with peat moss) which provide acceptable “housing” for seeds to start in. 


Seasoned gardeners will recommend soaking seeds in a liquid of water and liquid seaweed for 24 hours, prior to placing in peat moss pellets that have expanded. 


Use tweezers to take the seeds which have been primed and placing them in the peat moss starters. 

Start the peat moss with seeds implanted and put in a dark place for 24 hours to allow germination to occur. Afterward, place seeds in a well-lighted area for continued growth, but do not place in direct sunlight. If there is not yet enough sunlight then place the new seedlings under a solar or germination lamp with a timer (Click HERE to learn what to plant.


Depending on where you are located and the amount of sunlight and heat you are receiving – here’s some tips on the types of crops you can grow (Click HERE for tips).

Bean, chilis, kale and chives don’t require a great deal of space or room but potatoes, corn, watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkins, etc. do require a great deal of space and water.

Try to pick crops that are low maintenance, but also expensive to purchase in grocery stores so then you’ll be reaping the returns on your investment.


Fresh herbs tend to be expensive to procure yet the least expensive to grow. 

Organic tomatoes are also expensive to buy, yet they grow relatively fast and are inexpensive to grow, and are used in many recipes.  To have fresh tomatoes on hand is not only helpful but healthy and cost-saving.


To plant in small spaces here are some helpful hints:

  • Grow up and not out
  • Don’t plant crops that compete
  • Don’t plant creepers that require a great deal of space (i.e. zucchini, pumpkin)
  • Plant crops that have a high yield (i.e. minimal space required and resources such as water / cost to buy in grocery store)
(Click HERE for more tips)

Be sure to use an organic pest and fungus control solution – there are some effective solutions outlined on the internet.


Plants loved to be “talked” to. Be sure to encourage your new seedlings and make sure they are watered enough!


Be patient! Crops take a long time to grow, but their sweet, organic, and vitamin-packed harvest makes every moment worth waiting for.


It takes time to grow a “green thumb” but it is worth every second and every dime especially when your harvest is yielding the net rewards of health, nutrition, cost savings, and conservation.


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