July is here! Adventure Awaits in London

female chef making nitrogen icecream from healthy ingredients
Female Chef is stirring ingredients while preparing to make nitrogen icecream with healthy ingredients

Where did the month of JULY get its name? According to the Encyclopedia Britannica – the month of July is the 7th month of the Gregorian Calendar. It was named after Julius Caesar in 44 BC. LINK to Britannica.


The weather is clear – the tourists are in full force – what to do if you’re in London or the United Kingdom during the month of July.


Are you a foodie? Have you and your friends ever taken a walking secret foodie tour in London?  Make your work colleagues experience the highest form of FOMO as you describe each and every secret culinary haven that you visit.


This walking food tour will surely thrill and not disappoint serving up culinary specialties that most people don’t even know exist. You’ll be introduced to a treasure trove of hidden culinary gems and gourmet delights.


Nosh on slow-cooked pork cheek, fish and chips, and King Prawn Croquettes while sipping hidden gems like historic gins or specialty ales. Mouthwatering sticky toffee puddings or freezing cold Nitrogen Ice Cream are sure to delight and help to top off the tour as they leave palates wanting more! Groups are kept small and are assigned a live tour guide who speaks English.


The fee for the walking, culinary tour is nominally priced especially when compared to the experience that you’ll have and all of the food and drink that is included! Click here to make a reservation.

The British Museum London Guided Museum Tour

If you’re not ready to brave the great outdoors and prefer to stay indoors, have you ever tried the British Museum London? There’s a semi-private tour that will give you explanations of rare artifacts, show you where the prized relics are to be found, and give historical dates, context and background to the treasures that you see.


Address: The British Museum, Great Russell St, London WC1B 3DG, UK


This could be a romantic place for a date or if you prefer to browse by yourself so that you can offer the tour your full attention – either way, it is a great place to explore as you go back in time through the annals of history. Click this LINK to read more and get more detail.

Maybe you feel like taking a stroll outside and getting some fresh air after being cooped up in an office all week? How about a long stroll down the long driveway at Windsor Castle which is only a half day’s trip from London . . . 


The historic town of Windsor is only a half day’s journey from London. It offers transfers to the famous Windsor Castle. The castle was built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. Maybe you’ll be allowed to sneak a look inside the royal bedchambers and see Queen Mary’s doll house. Strolling through the beautifully manicured gardens is not only romantic, but relaxing. Let all of the stress from the work week dissipate as you enjoy fresh air and aesthetically pleasing gardens and architecture that transport you back into centuries long passed.


Be sure to pick a day that is bright and sunny or risk needing your wellies and mackintosh. Click HERE to get more information.

Windsor Castle, At Sunset, Exterior, London
Front Exterior of Windsor Castle and gardens

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