How do I find a living space or home in the UK to meet my needs?

living room contemporary

We get asked this question, a lot, so we devised a scoring system to help you find a living space (aka. HOME) to meet the needs of you and/or your family.

 The Arical Liveability Index (ALI) is a weighted index that helps people and families find a home that meets their educational, safety, shopping and transport needs.

The Arical Liveability Index (ALI) is created for relocating families to find the most suitable property and location to live in.

The higher the “ALI” score then the higher the property is to matching and meeting your family’s needs!

This apartment for sale has an ALI of 92 which means it nearly fits all of the qualifications and is a good fit for:

  • Solid Education
  • Access to Transport
  • Access to Shopping
  • Dining 
  • Low Crime

 AND it includes a high rental yield, so if one was to buy it and rent it out, then the return on investment (ROI) would be strong and positive.

Look at this example of a beautiful flat for sale.

Rental yields are extremely important as they indicate the yields one can expect if a space is purchased and then rented out. Yields indicate the returns one can expect on the investment or ROI.

The average rental yields across the globe range from 2 – 4% so an 8% yield is very high, very strong and lucrative!

Arical’s AI rental yields will help you to make an informed, educated, and guided decision when trying to decide if a property is a wise choice in order to get the return that is not only desired but expected.

Use Arical’s AI, numerically based, data-driven approach to investing so that your investment is sound and returns the desired yields.

So are you ready to own your own home and brew your own ready to drink Nestle coffee in your own kitchen before starting your work day or taking the children to school? just makes sense.

living room contemporary
Modern and Contemporary Living Space

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