What to Do in London in May

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Spring Tides and Other Spring Phenomenon

Tide gazing is an actual activity. During Spring Tide Season – when there is a HIGH tide it means that the Sun, Moon, and Earth are in alignment and the gravitational force is strong.

In the U.K. the tide still changes every six (6) hours in Spring, but during the Spring season the tides are higher at high tide and lower at low tide.

Tides are altered just after a full or new moon – as this is when there is the greatest difference between low and high tides – these are Spring tides.

The average HIGH tide height at London Bridge is 6.5m. Around the coast of England, the tide heights differ based on the coastline or bathymetry (water depth).

What does this mean for the average person? Gravitational pulls are strong and planets are in alignment – sometimes these magnetic pulls can impact our emotions, our brain waves, our relationships, . . .  take them all in measure – you may feel pulled in one direction or another – you may feel incredibly high or incredibly low. 

May is known as a time of replenishment, rejuvenation, renewal, new growth and gardening!

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May in London – What to Do

May in London is kicked off with the Chelsea Flower Show. A spectacular event that is held on the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea and is filled with rare blooms, scents that bring our noses to life, magical blossoms, ornate floral arrangements, and – voila! –  all of a sudden life feels vibrant, active, living, and real as scents of beauty bring us to life!



chelsea flower show united kingdom london

Then there is London Wine Week and the London Wine Festival and the London Wine Fair – Sip and explore. London is the scene of a burgeoning wine awakening as attendees sip wine from some of the most acclaimed wine makers and learn about the art of wine-making. Be sure to attend and meet some locals and similar – oenophiles who share your passion!


There’s London’s SKY Garden where you can enjoy a leisurely afternoon with friends, yoga overlooking the city or enjoy night time entertainment with DJ’s and bands that electrify the evening with their keyboards, drums, and electric guitars!  The menu is exquisite and the view is like no other.


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Arical.ai can help you find the perfect flat or house that is centrally located to all of the gardens, fairs, festivals, and attractions in London so that your weekends are always filled with engaging and curious activities that will be sure to give you lots of stories to share at the water cooler at work on Monday!

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