The Sun is Shining and Summer is Upon Us – What to do in the U.K. in June

The sun is out and everyone is looking forward to getting out of the house and exploring London and its environs! There’s the London Eye, Secret Gardens and fabulous Lidos just waiting for you!

The Open Garden Squares Weekend is always a favourite. Behold the beauty of flowers in bloom! There is nothing more summery and beautiful then flowers in bloom in fully colourful. 

London’s hidden gardens and hidden green spaces will be open. What is your favourite spring flower . . Is it the English Rose?

Here’s the link to check it out.

English Garden in Bloom

The other favourite summer activity in the U.K. is swimming in pools, lakes, and ponds and living the lido life! Link to Live the Lido Life; Finding Swimming Areas in London, United Kingdom.

Woman by Pool or Lido Deck

Are you looking for a place to cool off and relax? There’s indoor pools, outdoor pools, parks and ponds available for swimming in. Link to Pools

Hampstead Heath is always a favourite and has over 30 ponds for swimming in.

Whatever activity you choose to do in summer whether it’s to explore hidden secret gardens, swim in pools or ponds or visit the local pub  . . . London and its surrounding areas are the perfect place for you and your family! will help direct you to the perfect flat or home that is central to all of the best summer activities in London. Use its Liveability Index or (ALI) to find the perfect location for you or your family so that you can take advantage of all that summer has to offer in the U.K.!


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