What is Boxing Day all about in the U.K.?

What is so unique about Boxing Day?

Boxing day was originally called the day of the Christmas Box. 

What is a “Christmas Box”? 

The Christmas box was given to servants or tradespeople the day after Christmas. As servants had to serve on Christmas day, they typically received the day AFTER Christmas off of work. They were also given a Christmas Box which held a type of tip for their year of hard service.

Boxing day then evolved to include tradespeople who received a “thank you” from customers and vendors alike for their hard work and partnership.

As time went on, Boxing Day evolved to giving gifts to the poor! This is the most important nuance and evolution as gifts to the poor are vital to bring honor and dignity to those who are less fortunate.

As society evolved, so did Boxing Day. It evolved from servants to tradespeople or business people to those less fortunate and how beautiful is that evolution?

Why is Boxing Day important? Because it reminds us to THANK those who support us throughout the year – our vendors AND our customers! It also reminds us that taking care of those who are less fortunate is an important and dignified role.

If we have been blessed with provision then be grateful and take a portion of that and share it out!

We, as humans, have a responsibility to help those less fortunate whether we buy them a meal, give a blanket or extra clothes, offer a monetary donation or give them a Christmas turkey.

Most people are wondering what stores will be open on boxing day 2023 – Here’s a LIST of all stores!

Looking forward to celebrating the Christmas Box with you and taking advantage of the art of GIVING!

Happy Day After Christmas and happy Giving Day!

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