What are the BEST Holiday drinks to serve your Guests this Holiday Season?

Well, it depends . . . 

Are you throwing an impromptu soiree or a complete Christmas feast?

If you’re throwing a little get together with appetizers and a fun holiday beverage here’s some favourites.


Mulled wine is a always a favourite as it’s so earthy. Filled with color from the citrus fruits and spiced with organic herbs such as rosemary. We grow our own but many stores will sell fresh herbs. We encourage you to try all organic as it is healthier and will offer the most robust flavours.



Who doesn’t love a cuppa of Hot buttered rum? Rum is an old-time favourite of U.K. citizens as it was shipped in from the islands in the 1800’s and inhabited much lore with pirates and sailors who competed for the tasty, fragrant, sweet intoxicating drink. This recipe has many spices to peak anyone’s interest.



A favourite amongst children and adults alike as this drink soothes the soul before bedtime with real cocoa nibs which contain anti-oxidants and milk to helps to bring on sleep quickly! Hot cocoa served with real whipped cream and some sprinkles adds so fun to the drink and will delight the children as they wait for St. Nicholas to arrive!


Who doesn’t love a good holiday Sangria filled with rosemary and cranberries floating on the top of this sweet wine which is a popular one to the masses. Have you ever met someone who doesn’t love a good Sangria? 



Egg nog is the OG of holiday drinks! It reminds one of home. We typically gravitate towards the egg nogs with milk substitutes to be healthier, but if you truly want to serve a homemade egg nog, it is doubtful that your guests will complain. Try serving it with a fresh cinnamon stick!


This cocktail is something new and fresh with champagne combined with fresh cranberries and a splash of greenery. This beautiful beverage will get anyone in the mood for the season!


Wishing for warmer weather in the winter months. Dreaming of going to Cabo or Cancun?

This Christmas margarita recipe will transport you and your guests to white beaches, warm sun, soft warm winds, and crystal clear waters – combining tart with sweet with a bit of kick!


This is martini is beautiful for a girls night out! Your friends will enjoy the presentation, the beautiful aroma, and the kick. Ready to WOW your girlfriends over apps, gossip and a beautiful cocktail then this drink is for you!


Apple, spices, ginger . . .what does these remind you of? HOME! Warm and inviting smells that ignite the senses with memories of sledding, ice skating on ponds, laughing until your sides hurt, warm buttery popcorn served piping hot. This drink will not only invoke memories but also make memories!


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