Rental Yields (RY)

Rental yield = annual rent / property price x 100%

Projected Rental Yields

The rental yields shown are projected rental yields calculated by the comparables approach to the target property, details below.

Target Property Projected Rental Yield Comparables Approach :

Comparable property type

Same as target property. E.g. house, apartment

Comparable bedroom bathroom number

Same as target property. E.g. 3 bed 2 baths

Comparable local area

With target property as centerpoint, expand circumference until reached 20 closest properties satisfying above 2 criterion

Comparable number of listings

20 currently available listed rental properties satisfying above 3 criterion

Comparable monthly rent

Average monthly rent from above 4 criterion

Projected rental yields are calculated values based on the availability of data for users reference only. Actual rental yield will vary depending on negotiation, market and property conditions. Decision for property purchase shall be made by users themselves. Arical shall have full indemnity and not be held responsible for any resulting losses.

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